The First Entry

I know there are countless food blogs out there. And I know mine won’t be the best. Or the most read. Or have the prettiest photos. Or the funniest jokes. Worst case scenario: it’ll be the worst blog out there. My mom will hate it and disown me. My boss will hate it and fire me. And I’ll be momless and jobless forever.

Breathe, Fiona.

A more realistic scenario? My mom will read it because she loves me. My boss won’t, because … why would he? And I’ll read it because I can’t remember a recipe to save my life.

But if you are reading my blog and you happen not to be my mom, then I hope you like it.

Happy Eating,


P.S. I’m a firm believer that blog entries are always better when they include a photo. Even if it’s just a photo of my trusty old patio gnome.


4 thoughts on “The First Entry

  1. I love your blog. Very creative. I can hear your voice as I read it. Very amusing and entertaining. Great photos and great job. And I’m not your mom 🙂 Will definately look forward to more post!

  2. Hi Fiona,
    I have stumbled across your blog during my daily food blog hunting expedition (yes, it’s my daily tradition, sad I know).
    But anyway….Me likey! Love your photos- some of those shots are totally lickable. Especially the Triple Chocolate Mousse Torte- wow. Food porn at it’s best!
    Keep up the great posts, I’d like to link to your blog if that’s okay? Saves me bookmarking… bookmarks always get wildly out of control…
    And now I’m babbling.
    Love your work. 🙂

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