The Best Breakfast Taco in Austin

It’s no secret that the breakfast taco game in Austin is strong. Really strong. From TacoDeli to Torchy’s Tacos, El Tacorrido to El Primo, you can’t walk a block in this city without being tempted by the promise of pillowy eggs and sizzling bacon wrapped in tortillas so fresh they’d make your mama cry. So if you’re in Austin, and you’re looking for a solid breakfast that’ll keep the wolf from the door until lunchtime, your options are pretty endless.


If a good breakfast taco just doesn’t cut it in your book, and you want to really nail your taco game with the best of the best, there’s only one place to go: Veracruz All Natural.

Owned by sisters Reyna and Maritza, Veracruz All Natural started as a single trailer on East Cesar Chavez selling snow cones and smoothies. Thanks to their unbelievably good food and fresh ingredients, though, word of mouth spread, and it quickly became the much talked about, three-truck operation it is today. Everyone from Food Network to Rolling Stone to my dad is obsessed, and you can add me to that list.

Veracruz-DadOf their three locations, the Radio Coffee & Beer location on Manchaca is my favorite. There’s a huge patio where you can enjoy the fresh air while you wait for your food, and the coffee at Radio is delicious. They also sell beer, if that’s your thing. And why wouldn’t it be! The only drawback to this location is that the lines can get pretty long on the weekends, especially after 9 or so, but as long as it’s not scorching hot outside, it’s a pleasant place to wait.

Anyway, there you have it! In my ever so humble opinion, this place makes the best breakfast taco in all of Austin. Hands down. Feet down too. Everything down, these tacos are where it’s at.

My Go-To Order: Two migas tacos on flour. They come loaded with fresh pico de gallo, chips, eggs, cheese, and avocado. Oh, and don’t forget the green salsa. Careful, though – she’s spicy.

Header photo compliments of Veracruz All Natural.


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